How to SEO ASP.NET Website Optimization

Here are a few tips on How to SEO for your ASP.NET website. Follow the following directions step by step to seo website

1. No Identical or Duplicate content

A mistake made often: when we register a Domain and point it to web Hosting server, using the World Wide Web – “www”- subdomain in most cases. “www” is nothing else than a subdomain. Follow My following directions to get rid of Identical or duplicate content penalty by search Engines:

Suppose you purchased the domain “” and configuring your web hosting server using the IIS MMC and developing a new website:

at The web server will answer to the above shown redirects with a “HTTP/1.x 301 Moved Permanently” response. So the search engine get’s the info that this resource has permanently been moved. This way, all ranking-power, link power, etc., moves to “”, which is a major factor affecting the ranking of your website.

2. Avoid Identical or Duplicate content, part -2

When typing “”, your web hosting server will open a certain page – by default, it is the “Default.aspx” with .aspx extension. Many websites , redirect and link in an inappropriate way: open a browser and type “” – you’ll get redirected to “” – “index.asp” seems to be the default-site for the domain – but redirecting to it from “” or linking to it within any page of is just a big mistake.

No matter how big your website is, Google’s Page Rank is still a very important factor. So while has a PR of 3, /index.asp has a PR of 2 – while these 2 web pages delivers the same content. This practice is bad, and has a very bad influence ranking, because the 2 links displays the same content. Search engine does not know that “index.asp” is the root website url of the, so search engines try to find out through their algorithms that which website is the more important as per the visitors. But the big issue here is that all the url power, ranking , etc. get’s divided between & – could rank a lot better without using “index.asp” in the search engine’s index.

To make sure that your websitsite’s search engine ranking reach at the highest , you must concentrate on link – always take care , even in internal link building (links to the “Home” page of your website), that you link to your domain name:, instead of

3. Choose Researched Keywords as Title s<br /> <br /> This is the first thing and very easy to Research , and has a great impact on your website’s search engine ranking: Never use static webpage titles. The <title> Title tag is one of the most important ways to search Engine optimization of a website for a special subject or Keyword. Never use too many keywords in the title tag as website title, always Choose one or two keywords maximum three keywords as title to target relevance and a High ranking.<br /> While working with Asp.Net Master pages, there is a very easy way to do so:<br /> Collapse<br /> //assuming, that your <head runat=”server” id=”myHead”><br /> if (Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath.Contains(“example.aspx”))<br /> {<br /> HtmlTitle title = new HtmlTitle();<br /> title.Text = “Example”;<br /> myHead.Controls.Add(title);<br /> }<br /> <br /> if you own 3 websites, the Home page, the About Us page, and the Contact Us page, you must give these 3 pages unique , researched keywords as titles. The less research you do or less keywords on website, high Impact for keywords will be. Same law applies on Meta Tags<meta name=”keywords” and <meta name=”description”, but the title tag has the biggest influence nowadays. 4. Clean up your source code as Much as you can Always try to minimize the code as much as you can and always Follow the following instructions 1. don’t use inline CSS, use external stylesheets whenever possible 2. don’t use inline JavaScript, use external .js files instead 3. don’t leave HTML-comments 4. don’t use massive line-breaking (twenty lines with only a linebreak or something similar) 5. don’t use viewstate when not necessary 6. don’t use a <form runat=”server> when not necessary (comes with hidden fields)<br /> <br /> The better the relation between the content (==text) and the (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) code, the better your ranking will be. The smaller the source code, the better this relation will be.<br /> 5. Always make your website crawlable<br /> <br /> Don’t:<br /> <br /> 1. don’t use Flash/Silverlight to show information<br /> 2. don’t use Flash/Silverlight for menus<br /> 3. don’t use JavaScript-based menus<br /> 4. don’t use button-based menus<br /> 5. don’t use intro-pages<br /> <br /> Do:<br /> <br /> 1. do use a sitemap (CP-article: Simple Sitemaps in ASP.NET)<br /> 2. do use simple <a href> tags whenever possible<br /> 3. do use the “title” property for <a href><br /> 4. do use the “alt” property for images<br /> 5. do use RSS (syndicate all your content, when possible)<br /> 6. do use pings for search engines (use<br /> <br /> 6. Use H1 tags hierarchy <strong>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3><br /> Use the HTML markups <b >, <h1>…<h6>as much as you can & regularly – use them to structure the website’s content for the search engines. These markups are created for highlighting some words more than others to search Engines.<br /> <br /> 7. W3C Compliancy Check<br /> Use HTML-validator at to W3C validate your site. If it’s valid, there will be no penalty for a “bad coding” – use the validator to search problems and to find the solutions of errors, get rid of coding errors, and find a High ranking instead.<br /> 8. Know your regular Visitors & Users<br /> <br /> I don’t know about you, but at present I’m developing websites for my members and regular users and visitors in the first place. So my primary aim is to know can I attract more users and interests for my site. My PRIMARY TARGET is to find new users and audience for my products and websites – Hight Ranking is an assurance of more visitors and traffic to my website. So at present I am using free google keyword tools to research and find out best keywords and keyword combinations to find the keywords I need to optimize for.<br /> Google external Keyword-Tool:<br /> <br /> 9. Website Keyword density<br /> <br /> Keyword density on webpage is very important for a High website’s ranking for on searches of a specific keyword. Suppose you Own a website about Web development india – Then, you should try to use thisword as keyword as much as you. Don’t keep keyword density more than 3 % – It means You can use “ Web Development India “ Three times per hundred words not more than 3% .<br /> 10. Link Building<br /> <br /> Link building is the deciding factor in websites Ranking and page rank. You must try hard to get linked from other websites. You can Use social bookmarking websites like , reddit , to get oneway links from .


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