SEO Tips to Increase Alexa Rankings

Advancement in the field of information technology has also changed the way people do business. A large number of people now have their own websites to promote their products , online shopping stores  & services and they are always on the lookout for tips to improve performance of thier websites to make profit out of it. Hence, they are ready to do anything to achieve High Rankings and increase website traffic.

One of the most tried and tested methods of improving web traffic and profit from a website, is to improve the Alexa rankings. It helps a lot in gaining advertisments , selling Links and space for banners. What is Alexa? Alexa is a website that provides information on traffic levels in different websites. Almost all website owners join Alexa to remain updated about the performance of their own website.

It is important for the websites to rank higher in Alexa in order to increase credibility , attract advertizers and seo traffic. Now there are several ways of improving Alexa rankings. Some of the most effective ways are discussed here.

Install Alexa Toolbar and Set Your Website as Home Page.

If you are planning to improve your website’s Alexa ranking, your first step should be to install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser. You should then set your website as your home page. Hence, whenever you open the browser, it will be counted by the Alexa Toolbar as one hit. Thus, it is likely to improve the ratings provided by Alexa to your website, thereby enhancing the rankings as well.

Request Visitors to Write a Positive Review about Your Website

Visitors to your website can play an important role in helping you improve the Alexa ranking for your website. Request the website visitors to write positive testimonials about your website on the detailed listing page of Alexa. You can provide the link on your website, on which the visitors should click to reach the page where they need to write the review. A positive review about your website is likely to help it improve the search engine & Alexa rankings.

Blog to Attract Webmasters , Bloggers

Articles written about SEO can also help improve the Alexa rankings of your page. As the webmasters are always looking for new seo tools, providing information about them in your article can help you attract them to your website. This will surely increase the number of visits and thus help you improve Alexa ranking of your website. Writing about Alexa in your blog can also come in handy in this purpose. This is likely to interest the readers of your blog to visit your website. This, in turn, will increase the number of visitors and thus, Increase Alexa rankings.

Comment in Other Sites and Provide Backlinks

It is quite significant to do proper marketing of your website. Write in different forums and create backlinks to your site. This is likely to help you increase the number of visitors to your website. This is going to have a positive effect on the Alexa ranking of the site. This procedure is followed by a large number of people to improve the Alexa ranking of their websites.


When it’s about increasing Alexa rankings, people will suggest different options related to the importance and use of the same. By and large, the above discussed ways are some of the proven ways and will definitely help to improve your Alexa rankings, if followed accurately.

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Follow Google Updates for High Rankings

 With a tough competition existing in the souk, every little to large business company is pushy to step ahead of others, so that it could become the leader in its industry. search engine Optimization is the most common and easiest way of doing so in the web world. By creating nice-looking and efficient websites and with the help of search engine optimization, they manage to make their website customized in such a smart way that it succeeds in getting one of the top most ranks in search engines. This is something that has resulted into development of a large number of websites on daily basis.

The Role of an SEO Company

Perhaps, it has become really crucial for every website owner to keep ahead of their competitors. And therefore every website owner today seeks for a seo company for seo services that not only is able to certify its experience but is also successful and efficient enough to take the company’s website on top. For this, the SEO companies try to understand Google and other search engine algorithms in a better way. This helps them in attaining guaranteed results for their clients.

Survive the search engine's algorithem Updates with an Internet Marketing Expert

What if Google or other search engines in order to update their functioning, keep on bringing significant changes to their ranking algorithms after every short spans of time? What difference; or we might call it, what success or failure this would bring to websites? Is it hard to believe? But it’s the truth; Google has recently made an update in its algorithem, Due to this, many websites have been tossed into dust but then at the same time; it brought a shining fortune for many other websites too. This Google update has propelled some websites to top positions. This kind of updates happen a few times a year at Google, and this is the reason why it is important to choose a precise search engine optimization company today. This decision of yours today can bring your website and company either success or huge failure. Another bad news is that when SEO services Providers themselves get badly caught under the trap of Google’s such updates; then it becomes an increasingly difficult decision for individual companies who are highly dependent over them. Updates Aren’t Just Random Shuffling

If there are few negative aspects of algorithem changes, then it has many positive features too. If it brings down those over search engine optimized websites then it gives a chance to many of the ‘sandboxed’ websites to rise upon. There are times, when websites are created with much better keyword placement in content and incoming links but still they are not given a chance to be seen at all in the Google results. Reason: they are new in this world of Search engine Optimization. Therefore, for many companies such updates are a deliberate effort by Google to castigate sites that had Over seo Optimization done.

In a nutshell, the concept of updates in online search engines like Google , Bing and Yahoo can be overpowering for those small business owners and even the corporate marketing department. An important point to remember is to stick to some of the basic rules of SEO. Google or any other search engine would never disregard instructive, well written content that has won good quality votes in comparison to other web sites.

How to Increase seo traffic by Website Optimization

All website owners who don’t know what SEO stands for don't know how to increase seo traffic to your website. If you have a buisness website and want to bring web traffic to it through major search engines then SEO is the solution. Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation   and is simply a set of techniques to make a search engine friendly website or you can say seo is a set of techniques which can help you in bringing your website on the first page of search engines.

'How to increase seo traffic' is the question often asked by the small business owners who have recently setup a website in the hope to generate more leads and increase sales. But what they don't know is Now-a-Days if your website doesn't rank in top five in major search engines like google , yahoo and bing for specific keyword associated with your product , You can won't be able to reach to the potential customers. You must  have heard it said that content is the king , Its true. Its the search engine optimized Content which drives web traffic to your website and only quality content writing and content marketing is the key to success and for improving search engine rankings.

So now your question would be - What are the secrets to increase traffic to your website ? as I said earlier, SEO is the ultimate solution to your all traffic issues. Search engine optimization is working both sides of the websites, on-page as well as off-page.

On Page Optimization

1. Title Optimization
2. Meta Tags Optimization
3. Important HTML Tags
4. Keyword Optimization & Synonyms
5. Link Optimization
6. Image Optimization
7. Custom 404 pages
8. Generate HTML / XML sitemap
9. Upload Robots.Txt
10. Content Optimization

Off Page Optimization
  1. Keyword Selection for Submissions
  2. Directory Submissions
  3. Search Engine Submissions
  4. Link Building
  5. Blog Posting
  6. Comment Posting
  7. Forum Posting
  8. Community Building
  9. Social Bookmaking
  10. Press Release Submission
  11. Link campaigns
  12. Three way link building
  13. Two way link building
  14. One way link building
  15. Multiway linking
  16. Viral Marketing
  17. Email Marketing
  18. Affiliate Marketing
  19. Content Marketing
  20. Social Media Optimization

There are so many SEO Companies on the internet who can help you in increasing seo traffic to your website through their website optimization Skills , Search engine Promotion , eCommerce Marketing and SEO services . Our seo company - SEO traffic Search make sure that our clients and their business websites are easily spotted among the crowd of imitators and Rank High in the major search search engines - Google Yahoo and Bing.

Website designing tips to enhance SEO

 Everyone should try to create websites that are capable of engaging visitor for Long time. Your Motive and First Aim should be after bringing the visitor to your website is - Engage the Visitor. Here is a List of Website Designing Tips to make your website seo friendly , cool and keep your Visitor Engaged.

1. Colour Scheme

Design your theme according to your Logo and don’t change Design , Buttons or colours on every page. It doesn't Look Professional

1. The most Professional or Popular colour schemes is the combination of Red , White and Grey colours.

2. Websites with Dhin-chek categories can go for Blue White and Navy Blue colours.

If you are not able to choose the righ colours , surf the internet and find a website that you like.Use that website as a Source of Inspiration.

Website Designing Tips and Tricks to Enhance your SEO

2. Website templates

If you are not able to design a website you like , My advice would be Go for ready made website templates. There are so many websites on the net , selling ready made search engine Optimized website templates. Now What are you waiting for ?

3. Optimized Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important to remember at the time of designing a search engine friendly great website.

4. Minimal Special Effects

Don't distract website visitors with blinking or scrolling special effects , animated Images , GIFs, Marquee or auto-loading sound.

5. NO pop-up windows

No visitor likes popups.The only reason a website Owner setup a popup window is because the website owner wants to sell something and They Just don't care about the Readers.

6. Decent Backgrounds

Use the righ coloured backgrounds and Ensure that your visitors can read the text on the background and see the Anchor texts and Navigation Bar.

7. HTML Sitemap and search Box

If you really interested in designing a Great web site then it is useful to Place a Html sitemap to help the visitors and don't forget to place a Search bar on your website.

8. Menu Bar

The First sign of a Great website is its Menu Bar and breadcrumbs. Always Keep a menu bar @ Each page of your Website.

9. Minimize the use of images

As per a recent Survey or study Online Visitors takes more interest in website content not in The Images.

10. Browser Compatibility Check

Make sure your website is browser compatible. Your website should look perfect in all major Browsers Like Internet Explorer , Safari and Fire Fox. There are so many Browser compatibility check tools are available on the Internet to Help a website Deisgner.

11 . Content is THE King

If your website has Good Content but doesn't have Original quality content then It can spoil your reputation in the web world and you won't be able to bring quality seo traffic to your website. Even Search engines won't treat your website with Respect.

SEO tips to Increase Web traffic Conversions , ROI

Seo traffic that we get through the Major search engines like google , Yahoo and Bing plays an Important role in Ranking of websites.Now the question arise is, how to convert that seo traffic through applying SEO Techniques and Using free SEO traffic tools. The answer to this frequently asked question is in the following seo tips.

SEO tips to Increase Website Traffic Conversions and 

High Return on Investment

1.  Keyword Research

If you want to convert the SEO traffic to sales successfully then my advice to you is research keywords related to your product or services. Only placement of relevant keywords as title can give you the chance of attracting Potential custiomers and relevant seo traffic to your website.

2. Ethical SEO practices

Second most important point in optimizing your website to increase seo traffic and for high conversions is that you should optimize your website by applying ethical seo practices , Just stay away from BlackHat seo techniques and bad seo practices that That means no keyword stuffing , No tweaking , No cloaking , No artificial link building. Always keep one thing in mind - Quality content Writing is the key to success and Content Marketing is the only Way to Success.

3. Internal Linking

Don't just work hard  , work smart too to convert your traffic into Sales. Intelligent Internal linking can Help you increase the search engine rankings by Passing the Link Juice to Other WebPages of Your Website and to other related Product or services you offer.. Internal linking is an extremely effective seo practice through which Anchor Text on one webpage takes the visitor on another related webpage of the same Domain. If you link all your product or services pages smartly , this interneal Linking seo techniques can help you in achiveing the aim of High conversions.

Always keep one thing in mind while Website Optimization that you have made this website for your visitors not for the Major search engines like Google. Google can Help you , guide you and show you the way to Success through applying Ethical seo techniques to make your websites user-friendly. A User friendly websites Means high CONVERSIONS and Return on Investment. Seo Traffic search is Professional seo company India , offers Affordable SEO PACKAGES search engine Marketing services to convert seo traffic into Sales.

SEO vs PPC for your Website to Bring Traffic

We all work very hard to bring our website at first page of all major search engine through SEO or PPC. We always have the option to pay for seo traffic using the Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or other Paid search engine Promotion or advertising programs. On the other Hand we have the option to bring seo traffic for free by working for high rankings in Organic search results through certain ime consuming seo techniques like submissions in search engines and Link building etc. To Achieve High Rankings we search engine Optimizers work hard and follow all ethical SEO techniques , avoiding all BlackHat SEO to try to get our client site displayed High at major search engine Result Pages.This whole process takes a period of time to reach the top of the Organic search results, but it is fact that the free, targeted seo traffic prove well worth the investment.

But Here question arises which approach is better fo clients ? is It depends on your budget ? If you want more search engine traffic fast and you have no problem is paying for it, then PPC might be right for you. What do you Search engine Marketing Experts think ? Would you like to debate on this Issue ?

When Is It Best To Use Pay Per Click ?

So, when should we use Paid search Promotion or Pay per Click ? Here are some circumstances when Pay per click can prove affective for an online business.

1. When we Need Results Instantly.
2. When we Need highly targeted Search traffic.
3. When your website is not Search engine Friendly. < Developed in flash , Frames etc >
4. You have the Money to Invest and a Proper ROI plan.

My Advice to All:

Search engine Optimization and Pay Per click , Both are beneficial and Both have their own Pros and Cons. So My advice to you is combine both Techniques with care and enjoy the advantages and lead generation capability by reducing their disadvantages or Negative Impacts. However, you should have both type of Marketing campaigns overseen or Run by the same Internet Marketer and Marketing Company.

SEO traffic Services

Search Engine Optimization has become fastest growing Branding and advertising medium today. Search Engine Marketing drives potential customers from the web to your website generating quality seo traffic and eventually better Return on Investment. Successful SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns need a clear Aim and focus on targeted Audiences and more importantly a clear Internet Marketing Plan towards fulfilling your SEO objectives.

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