1000 Visitors In 24 Hours @ SEO traffic

So Here in this article I'm going to tell you the easiest and shortest way to get 1,000 visitors with in a week just by focusing your time and energy into building your Twitter Profile and Maintaining Facebook Page.

1000 visitors in 24 hours

How to Use and Exploit Twitter to Get SEO Traffic

1.Follow your Industry people as Much as you are allowed to.

2.Do some keyword research and search the profile by using them.

3.Tweet some quality Links and information related to the Keywords you want seo traffic from.

4. Use automated service like TweetAdder which can help you in handling Twitter.com in an automated fashion.

5.Be active on Twitter at least for half an Hour daily for 1 week.

6. Never shamelessly Promote yourself or your products only. hare information 5 times before posting your product or company 1 time.

How to Use Facebook to get SEO Traffic :

1. Subscribe , Add , Like and Interaction is the key to become famous on Facebook.

2. Start engaging with Target audience by informative and quality posting on your wall.

3.Interact with your industry leaders.

4. Comment on your friends Messages and Posts.

5. Start asking questions on your wall.

6.Never reject any friend request , He/She can be a Potential Customer or Prove to be a Help.

7.  Never shamelessly Promote yourself or your products only. hare information 5 times before posting your product or company 1 time. Keep the ratio maintained always - 5:1

Enjoy , Now check your statistics - you have done it , achived the target of 1000 seo traffic in just 7 days. Now you must be getting 1000 VISITORS in every 24 Hours just by following these steps. These tips are just for those people who don't know How to SEO or How to SMO. please consider this article just a Help to that Amateur community.


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